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Oil cylinder installation
- Jul 24, 2018 -

1. open the box: the cylinder is sealed with a gasifying rust inhibitor. Therefore, the stopper should not be removed before assembly. If the plug is removed, it must be installed immediately on the body and full of oil in the cylinder.

2. rust prevention: when the oil cylinder is installed on the body, if the piston is placed under the condition of protruding, the grease must be applied to the exposed part of the piston rod.

3. speed: the normal specification of the cylinder will affect its service life when the speed exceeds 2m/s. Taking 0.3m/s as the end of the stroke terminal, it is recommended to install buffer mechanism internally for the sake of protection and safety.

4. operation: in the initial stage of operation, the air in the cylinder must be completely removed. Residual air should be operated at low speed to remove air.